Request for Quote Guidelines

Please include the following information if available with your RFQ.
This information will help provide a timelier quote to better serve you.

Please email:


  • Include the RFQ deadline in your email subject line – either a due date for the RFQ or an estimate of part/project ship date.
  • Quantity needed – be quantity specific if needed or indicate quantity flexibility if appropriate.
  • Estimated Annual Usage
  • Will 1st Article be required? If so, what quantity is required for FA inspections and do you have a format or form we need to use?


  • Material call out should be specific. Include specs when needed.
  • Include PDF File
  • Flat pattern DXF file if available
  • 3D Model, IGES or SolidWorks, if available
  • If your project requires assembly, please include all component prints and bill of materials¬†with part numbers and quantities per assembly


  • If the print calls out a finish spec, please attach that spec document to your RFQ
  • If a finish is required, but not on the print, note the specifics (color, type, etc)
  • If finish is not required but called out on the print, please indicate that finish is not needed


  • List any special packaging requirements, for example, specific quantities per box/pallet/container, weight limits, or if containers will be provided.


  • Customer pick up, delivery on our truck, or shipped 3rd party? If using 3rd party, please specify which company and account number to use.