What type of material can you cut with your lasers?

Multiple Grades of Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper

What types of finishes do you offer?
We specialize in Powder Coat and Wet Paint for finishing.  We are looking into E Coat, and we currently outsource other finishes like Plating, Zinc, Hard Chrome and Anodizing.
Does Dakotaland offer Internships?
Yes, we offer internships over the summer for qualified applicants when possible.
Does Dakotaland participate in any scholarship programs?
Yes, we work with Lake Area Technical School to offer a scholarship in their Machine Tool program.
Do you do offer stocking programs?
We currently do various stocking programs with strategic customers like VMI and Kanban replenishment.
Where should I send requests for quotes?
All quote requests can be emailed to quoting@dakotalandmfg.com
What file format do you need on prints?
While PDF files will work for all machining parts and for all fabrication parts, we would like to receive them in a DXF file.
Can we make a print without a specification?
Yes we can if you have a sample of the part that you can provide.