Flat Laser

  •  3-5k watt fiber lasers, handle 5’x10’ and
    7’x13’ sheets, 1” thick material
  • Cut multiple grades of steel, stainless steel,
    aluminum and copper

Tube Laser

  • Cut material that is 10” diameter round stock
    and 8” square stock
  • Handle up to 30’ long tubes
  • Cut multiple grades of steel, stainless steel
    and aluminum

Laser Punch Combination

  • Handle up to 5’x11’ sheets and up
    to 5/16” material
  • Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Multiple forming tool options
Laser Punch Combo

Press Brake

  •  8 total machines
  • Largest handles up to 13’ long parts and
    170 metric tons
  • Smallest electric machine handles up to 3’
    long, 36 tons for fast processing of small parts

Hardware Insertion

  • 5 total machines with auto feed capability
  • Significant inventory of PEM studs
  • Up to 36” throat depth and 7.5 tons insertion pressure


  • Dual head saw capable of 13’ aluminum tubes and extrusion
  • Miter head saw
  • Straight saw that cuts up to 16” diameter bar stock
Press Brake
Hardware Insertion

See Our Tube Laser In Action