An excellent manufacturing career path will give you the tools to develop professionally and personally. You deserve to come home after work feeling like you earned more than a paycheck. With an employer who values your career goals and offers chances to learn new skills, your next manufacturing job can pave the way for advancement, security, and personal satisfaction.

At Dakotaland Manufacturing, you can begin carving a rewarding career path on your first day. We will place you into a role that matches your experience level and empower you to succeed – even if this is your first job in manufacturing. We offer beginner-level training and will cross-train you for roles you want to grow into, providing a transparent roadmap for reaching your career goals at every step.

On-the-Job Training

We understand that starting a career in manufacturing can be daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive training programs starting from entry-level positions. Our mentorship programs ensure that each new team member receives personalized guidance and support from experienced colleagues.

We make sure you can perform your duties safely before you learn to do them proficiently. All on-the-job training begins with safety classes, regardless of your experience level, and we pay you for the time spent learning. Beyond safety regulations and our unique specifications, we also offer opportunities to earn safety certifications you can carry wherever your career leads.

In addition to safety certifications, you can become licensed in other aspects related to your role or the one you desire. We partner with various associations and will cover the cost of your training, testing, and certification.

Dakotaland is happy to invest in your individual success, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your career heads in a satisfactory direction.


We understand that you can be excellent at something and enjoy it but still want to go for something new. At Dakotaland, you will never feel stuck in your role or limited in your abilities. Our manufacturing job training empowers team members in various tasks and functions, and we listen to you when you say you want to learn something new. This way, you can adapt to different roles as needed and make desirable moves throughout your career – always with a transparent career path that outlines each transition.

With cross-training, we’re able to support one another in ways many other organizations can’t. Instead of putting all the pressure on a few individuals, we give everyone an equal opportunity to collaborate and problem-solve. This not only makes projects run more efficiently, but it also gives our team members more confidence to make suggestions or take a different approach to their tasks.

A Rewarding Manufacturing Career Path at Dakotaland Manufacturing

Are you ready to enter a career that knows no bounds? Dakotaland Manufacturing is here to help you realize your potential in a job that makes you proud. Browse our current career openings and apply today!