Dakotaland Manufacturing stands at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and
people-centric values. With two expansive facilities spanning nearly 130,000 square feet across two South Dakota locations and a commitment to continuous improvement, we operate as a leading force in metal fabrication and machining.

Our UPSCALE philosophy guides our top-quality outcomes and unrivaled customer satisfaction. We Understand our customers’ needs, deliver Perfect quality. maintain a culture of Safety and Continuous improvement, involve All employees in decisions, demonstrate Leadership at every level, and prioritize Employee wellness.
We build better. Better products. Better experiences. A better future.


Our story begins with a commitment to craftsmanship, a love for our people, and a relentless passion for building better.

Two manufacturing entities stood in eastern South Dakota with strong reputations and vast capabilities. Westland Manufacturing provided top-tier metal fabrication services to Sioux Falls and JMS Precision brought precision metal machining to Watertown.

In 2015, we merged our two organizations to operate as one. By uniting our resources into Dakotaland Manufacturing, we built a powerhouse for all machining, fabrication and finishing services.

We set out on a mission to build better. Combining strength turned that vision into a reality.

Dakotaland Manufacturing